mens moncler ski jacket Gold Necklaces for Women- Jewelry Trusted for Value

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but there’s no more trustworthy piece of jewelry than gold. Versatility and variety is what it means to have gold jewelry. It’s just the kind of sparkle you need to make your day and your outfit special. Gold is the most valuable metal and it’s the kind that never loses its value even in the passage of time. There’s a wide array of gold jewelry and it’s impossible not to find a piece that suits your personality exactly. Of all the jewelry pieces, it’s gold necklaces for women that make a big difference.Earrings can be too small to be noticed or too big that they’re heavy. Rings can also go unnoticed. With gold necklaces,womens spyder ski pants, it’s right smack in the middle of your person and even the simplest of gold chains get noticed when worn right. For any kind of day, gold necklaces for women are perfect. The most corporate of suits can get a little touch of glamour with a necklace that has a beautiful pendant hanging from it. The most monochrome of clothes can get a little shine with a nice and intricate gold necklace.When you’re shopping for gold jewelry, you can go for a variety of thicknesses,north face jackets for men, a myriad of designs, a plethora of lengths. There are box chains, Figaro chains, rope chains, cable chains and so on. If you don’t know what to give the special lady in your life, you’ll never lose with a present of gold necklaces for women. When you’re looking at the various pieces of gold jewelry in a jewelry store or an online store, you need to know about the karats. You should also ask about the manufacturer of the jewels. By knowing how many karats you want, you can narrow the choices down. By knowing the manufacturer, you avoid being duped with fake gold pieces.If you want durability in your gold jewelry, select the ones with the 14k or 18k. With gold being mixed with other metals, they’re harder and stronger. If you don’t need durability because you’re careful enough with gold necklaces for women, you can get jewelry in the purest form, 24k. It all depends on your wants. If you want something intricate, you might have to opt for gold that retains its shape and that’s with 18k or 14k.So many pieces of jewelry,mens moncler ski jacket, so little time and that’s just for gold necklaces for women.

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womens moncler jackets sale Buying Silver Rings for a Man

We usually relate jewelry to women, but the truth is that a lot of men have started wearing jewelry recently. Gold rings were very popular before the sudden price hikes of gold. Ever since then, the cost of gold is so high that most people cannot afford to buy any gold accessories. So, what should he do if he wants to buy rings and cannot afford to buy gold ring? The answer is simple; he should try looking at silver rings.The cost of silver is not as high as gold, hence affordable by many. Due to increased demand, their supply in the market has increased significantly. Another advantage of buying silver rings is that they almost look like platinum rings. Jewelers are experts at designing rings. Some of the silver rings are given such a flawless finishing, that they look like they are made out of a much more superior and expensive metal. Sometimes, you can get gold-plated silver rings, but a bit more expensive than non-coated rings. However, we wouldn’t suggest you do so, because over a period of time the gold plating will wear off and the money you spent to have the ring gold-plated would have gone to waste.These rings can be worn daily for rough use and also for formal events, where it is necessary to look well-dressed and classy. Large variety of silver rings is available online. You can go through the catalogues of different jewelry sites to find out what’s in vogue and what the online stores are offering. Although,cheap spyder ski pants for women, the prices of silver rings are affordable, you will find that the prices of rings can be a bit cheaper online,womens spyder ski pants, owing to the fact that operating online is cheaper than setting up an entire store to sell jewelry.If you have a particular design in mind,womens moncler jackets sale, it is very easy to have the ring made. All you have to do is to clearly draw the design and hand it to a jeweler. They are excellent at replicating designs and will flawlessly prepare the ring you want. Your customized silver rings for men could also have some different carvings on them, or some symbols that are of interest to you. They are available in different designs. For men, they are chunky and large. The use of the stones is quite common. You can use precious and semi precious stones in your rings. Usually, the semi precious stones are used for casual rings. The stones are cut in a triangle or square shape, but it depends on your taste as well.Silver rings would make good gifts for your loved ones. If you want to give it to a youngster, you can get skull rings. However, it should go with the personality. For example, if the person you want to gift looks slender, huge skull rings may not suit him. So before purchasing skull rings, personality as well as the taste of the person you want to gift should be taken into consideration. Silver rings are very much in fashion these days and even celebrities have been spotted wearing these rings, which contributed a lot to its popularity.

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womens moncler jackets sale When Conventional Wisdom Goes Awry

,womens spyder ski pants

Not too many years ago a major grocery chain in its quest to improve profitability launched a significant initiative to increase revenue per employee (per FTE or Full Time Equivalent). Given the narrow margins in the grocery business (not unlike banking and many other industries) such a campaign made sense because if you can increase sales per store without increasing employment costs proportionately, or better yet, trim the denominator (FTE’s) in the equation while also boosting revenues, then this measure of operating efficiency (profitability) has to increase.But, as so often happens in such cases where the tactic is to trim staff, the majority of the staffing cuts fell on the lower paid employees. Initially, this produced a “side benefit” as the change in mix served to increase average employment cost per employee, giving the chain bragging rights for having some of the best paid employees in the industry.However, it wasn’t long before service levels declined. After all, fewer checkers, stockers and sackers meant longer lines at checkout and shelves that were not always fully stocked. Customers that had long been accustomed to a high level of service quickly took notice and gradually started voting with their feet. Eventually, the plateauing of revenues in store after store led to a reassessment of priorities and their strategies such that staffing levels and mix were once again adjusted with an eye toward balancing the competing objectives of cost control and customer service.Such admirable, albeit often competing objectives: increase revenues, cut costs, deliver a quality product or service all of which are in one way or another intended to enhance earnings reminds me of a sign I saw in a print shop some twenty-five years ago which read, “Quality. Price. Speed. Choose Two.” While this simple message was directed at the customer, the dilemma of choosing is really that of the merchant. That’s because the customer invariably desires all three – high quality goods and services delivered with maximum speed at the lowest possible price.And lest you think that grocers are the only ones susceptible to conventional wisdom gone awry, I’ve worked with more than one financial institution client intent on a similar strategy of minimizing staffing levels while attempting to grow via a major set of new customer service initiatives.Truth be told, many banks have been preoccupied with a whole series of indicators for 30 years or more and some of those have become akin to the Holy Grail. One such “standard” in particular strikes me as the proverbial primrose path – namely assets(deposits) per FTE. When I entered the banking industry over thirty years ago, the goal was $1 million in assets per employee. Today, $3 million, $4 million or even $5 million in assets or deposits per FTE is the threshold many seek thanks to the benefits of automation and other operating efficiencies.To some, this or a similar benchmark can become an overarching goal that is oft times misapplied if not misunderstood. That’s because many (it seems almost all) organizations want to differentiate themselves on the basis of delivering outstanding customer service (speed/convenience). Management preaches it, teaches it, claims to provide it, tests for it, rewards it. Their thought being that if you increase customer satisfaction and thereby customer retention, each new customer you attract represents real growth rather than a replacement for the dissatisfied exiting through the backdoor. Meanwhile, management constantly pushes the organization to run leaner and meaner as a strategy for boosting profitability via cost control (price),womens north face jacket. All the while knowing that keeping customers happy requires they deliver accuracy (quality) too. Do you see the anxiety this balancing act creates?Sometimes, even the best organizations fall victim to conventional wisdom. And maybe, just maybe it is time we challenge some of those rules of thumb. Otherwise we might awaken one day to find ourselves far along a path we would rather not travel.Just because some industry analyst declared some ratio the be all,womens moncler jackets sale, end all 10, 20 or 30 years ago doesn’t mean it is serving equally well today. For of this you can be certain: If you continue doing the things you’ve always done, the best you can hope for is the same result. But odds are, you will get diminishing returns as you seek to apply yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems.Are there industry standards you are pursuing? If so, do you fully appreciate their implications and application? Are you certain they support all of your aims?

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spyder ski gloves sale How to Choose the Right Diamond Ring

Okay, you want to buy your special lady a diamond ring. The very first thing you should do is learn a little bit about diamonds. You have probably heard about the 4C’s and if not, you need to know what it is and what it means. So, before we go any farther let’s learn about the 4C’s,spyder ski gloves sale.The 4C’s stand for cut, clarity, carat, and color of the diamond. The cut is the shape of the diamond. The shape can be oval, round, princess which is a square shape, emerald which is more rectangular, and marquis which is pointed on either end. The cut is what determines the brilliance of the diamond. Some cuts give more facets to the diamond, which will allow more light to reflect. An emerald cut has the least amount of facets while the round cut has more.A numerical and alphabetical scale measures clarity of a diamond. Clarity is really just the flaws that the diamond has. Every diamond except rare ones will have some type of flaw whether it is a nick, mark or a bit cloudy. Most diamonds in the jewelry stores are VS1 to S1 ratings these diamonds have small flaws, which cannot be seen even under a very strong magnification. Any diamond in the “F” category is considered to be without any flaws and is very rare to find.Carat is just the weight of the diamond. Yes, a large diamond might be impressive, but it may not have the color or clarity of a smaller diamond. Size does not mean you are going to get the best-looking diamond for your money. You may just have a large diamond without much brilliance.The color of a diamond is also measured like the clarity with an alphabetical scale. The whitest diamond is a D-I, while a J-L rated diamond will be almost colorless. The farther down the scale you go the more yellow the diamond will become. Some people do enjoy wearing a large yellow diamond, but the most popular are the white or colorless.Now, you must know something about what type of diamonds your favorite girl likes. Is she more into the size of the diamond, the color or the brilliance? All of this will help you find the perfect diamond ring. Now, make a list using her favorite part of a diamond. As an example, we will say that she would prefer a diamond with more clarity than size, she also desires a more colorless diamond than a yellow one and she prefers round to any other cut. Oh, now here is your list clarity, colorless or white, and round without much thought to the carat.Okay, with list in hand go online or to your favorite jewelers. Ask about the diamonds with her specifications. Get more than one estimate on the diamond ring that you believe she will love. You should be able to find quite a few that are in your price budget without going to extremes and spending a years worth of paychecks. If you are shopping online and need to ask a few questions, there is no harm in picking up the telephone and calling the online jeweler. Just remember to compare. You do not have to buy the very first diamond ring you find.No matter where you are planning on purchasing your diamond ring whether online or at one close to your home, it would be in your best interest to learn a bit about the jeweler. If you are searching locally, you can talk with family and friends to see if they have purchased from this jewelry. Learn how long they have been in business,womens north face jackets cheap; check out the better business bureau, etc…. If you are shopping online, you can also do quite a bit of research. Look for forums and message boards that have information regarding jewelry stores online. You can also learn about them by finding out their actual address and do not purchase if you cannot verify their address. You should have more information than a P.O. Box and an 800-telephone number. You should feel very comfortable and trusting of the dealer that you are planning to purchase a diamond ring from.Another important detail is to ask for a money back guarantee whether you are purchasing in person or online. Ask about their return policy, you should have at least 30 days to return the diamond ring, but sometimes the return policy may only give you around 2 weeks.If you are in fact purchasing a certified diamond ring, you should also receive a grading report by a gemology organization like AGS or GIA. If you are receiving, a grading report be sure that you understand what grading report they are using. Many jewelers today use in house gemologist and their standard reports may not be the same as the above-mentioned organizations.Finally yet importantly, once you purchase your diamond ring, have it appraised by an unbiased gemologist of you choosing.All that is left is surprise your special lady with a diamond ring that she will enjoy and wear with pride.If all else, fails and you still do not know what diamond ring is perfect for your lady,womens spyder ski pants, just take her browsing around a jewelry store. She is sure to point out some of her favorites and this would give you the opportunity to ask, “Why do you like this diamond ring better than the one over there?” However, remember, if you take her into a jewelry store the element of surprise just went out the window. She will be expecting you to pop the question.

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womens spyder ski pants What Does Gold Do-

Gold has fascinated and has captured the imagination of humans like no other precious metal in the world. Egyptians considered the yellow metal to be the divine manifestation of the sun. The metal was seen as divine and indestructible.The Egyptian word for gold is nub. The North African region, Nubia,mens spyder ski jackets, got its name after this word. The region was given this name because it was one of the major suppliers of gold. The Aztecs used the word teocuitlatl to describe the yellow metal. After a more rigorous translation we can see that the word actually stands for “excrement of the gods”. The Latin name for the precious metal is Aurum. In the periodic table, the metal is represented by the symbol Au, that comes from the Latin description.One can believe that because of the constant search for this precious metal the amount mined is astronomical. This is actually not so, in all of history only about 161.000 tons of gold were extracted,womens spyder ski pants. The amount cannot be compared with the amount of aluminum produced only by the United States that is of 5.6 million tons in a single year.The rarity of the metal is only one of the reasons why people value this precious metal so much. All along the passing of time, the yellow metal has proved to be helpful in many ways. Medicine has used the precious metal for its beneficial properties. With its help there were discovered treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, it is used in the treatment of prostate cancer, new research has showed that it can be used in rekindling the properties of a HIV drug and many more. Also, it is used in beauty treatments,mens moncler ski jackets online, in non surgical face-lifts. The precious metal has been used in the making of some computer parts and in other sectors of technology.Furthermore, the yellow metal has proven to be a great financial strategy in order to preserve one’s savings. If all these things have raised your interest in gold you should invest in the precious metal. Who knows what further uses of the metal will be discovered in the future?

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kids spyder ski pant The Biggest Mistake That I Made in My Business

I founded one of the first spas in the world for men,womens spyder ski pants, and wrote a book about the experience, which is now being used in several university entrepreneurship programs. Recently, a university professor who is using my book in her course, asked me what the most important lesson that I learned was.There are many ways that I could have answered this question. I could have said that the most important lesson that I learned was to choose the right location, or to make sure that if you hire a business consultant to help you with your business plan, that he or she is the right person for the job. Or, perhaps the most important lesson thatI learned was that if you need help writing your business plan, perhaps you shouldn’t be starting a business at all. Hiring the right number of staff is an important lesson, as is hiring the right staff. As you can see, I haven’t even scratched the surface of all of the important lessons that I learned in starting one of the first spas in the world for men.But what was the most important lesson that I learned? The most important lesson that I learned is that no matter how hard you try to avoid them, you are going to make mistakes. And the biggest mistake that you can make is to treat your mistakes as mistakes. If you do that,kids spyder ski jackets cheap, you will start blaming people and pointing fingers. That is what my investors did, and that is how they ruined the business.Mistakes are going to happen. Just look at the news every day. A litany of mistakes that people make, or of things that just went wrong. In business, and in life, mistakes are going to happen and smart people treat them as opportunities to learn. If you make mistakes, correct them, learn from them and move on. If you can’t do that in your business,kids spyder ski pant, or in life, you will never succeed.

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kids spyder ski suits sale Understanding Motivation – 4 Steps to Get You Moving

Do you ever wonder why people who have all the knowledge in the world continue to make bad choices? Why others seem to be able to easily overcome any obstacle and any challenge with which they are faced? Why some people can easily ignore their sweet tooth, and others who truly want to ignore it succumb? Yeah, me too! I wonder about that and I am curious about this word we call motivation.Yesterday I had my perfect day. I had one goal: to relax. So I spent the day hiking, going to the spa and having dinner with three smart, funny, successful women who just happen to be my friends. All day we did exactly what we wanted to do at exactly the pace we wanted to do it.It was while relaxing in the hot tub that one of my friends and fellow coaches,womens spyder ski pants, Cindi, said something that stopped me in my tracks and really made me think. We were discussing the times we live in, and the struggle people are having with change. Just how surprising and interesting it is that given the knowledge, given all the information they need, people still are not motivated to make change, even when their life, their happiness, and their health are threatened.The conversation started because Cindi, who is a doctor, shared that she had been a respiratory therapist before becoming a physician. Betty laughed and said, “You are the only respiratory therapist I know who does not smoke”. We all laughed and this lead to the conversation of just how many people we know who have all the knowledge, yet still make bad choices: cardiologists who are obese, health care workers who look anything but healthy, and pregnant women who leave prenatal classes for a smoke break.Cindi at this point got downright passionate and said, “This proves that knowledge is not motivation”. Now, honestly, I think that I may have heard that before, but it was the way she said it, coupled with the conversation we were having that really drove it home for me. She continued by saying that as a society, we just keep shoving information on people, and shoving more and more knowledge, despite the fact that time and time again, doing so does nothing.So that begged the question: what does motivate someone? If the knowledge gained in medical school, and the knowledge from dealing day-in and day-out with patients struggling with the effects of heart disease won’t motivate a cardiologist to eat right and exercise, then what will?This lead to wonderful discussion, long and rich in content. While we believe there are a lot of things that motivate us, we boiled it down to our top four:What motivates us?1. Personal Control – Many people may prefer the term power, but honestly, through our discussion we determined that control is a better word. To honestly get motivated, to take action, we need to have some influence,kids spyder ski suits sale, some say and some personal control over what is happening. Others telling us that what we are doing is wrong or harmful won’t motivate us to change,kids spyder ski pants cheap. Others making the changes for us, fixing our meals, or making our appointments won’t help either. You need to have a part or a say in the change, if you are ever going to take action to do things differently.2. Shared purpose – To be motivated you have to share that goal with someone else. While you can only make change for yourself, your life and your happiness, you are more motivated to do that when you have a shared purpose and common set of goals with other people.3. Connection – Sharing the purpose with others is a great first step, but you need the connection, camaraderie and interaction of others to get and stay motivated. To be, work and interact consistently with others who share your purpose and are daily taking the same actions towards the same goal will get and keep you motivated.4. Balance – Yes, you need balance; you need more that just this goal, more than just this purpose in your life. You need outside interests, time to break away and not think about the changes you are motivated to make, and the self-care that laughter and love of good friends or family can bring.It is an interesting discussion, and even more interesting are the times we are living in. We have more access to knowledge and information that we have ever had, yet we are the most addicted, obese and depressed we have ever been. Goes to prove: knowledge is not motivation. It can help in the process, but to truly motivate yourself to take action, you need to understand motivation.

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kids north face jackets sale Maximizing Performance With the Client Loyalty Scorecard

Included in the list of the company’s biggest assets are their customers. The customer volume is actually one of the determinants as to whether the company is successful. When you have numerous clients, you will be able to sell your products well and thus you will be considered as one of the top brands in your area. This is one of the goals of every organization and this is why they practice different exercises in order to keep their customers supporting them. With the client loyalty scorecard, you will be able to monitor just how well your clients are performing and contributing into achieving the objectives of your business. What’s more, this balanced scorecard lets you target your efforts into increasing the customer loyalty for your products and the entire company itself.When using the scorecard, you will need to practice and engage in clear and recurrent communication with the customers. The client loyalty scorecard is an effective tool that permits you to reach out to your clients and provide their needs efficiently. There are now pieces of software that you can download today and they have different features but you can be sure that they will be able to lead you into the right direction. This is so that you can manage your business well in terms of the volume of sales. One of the main reasons as to why your customers are loyal to your products or the brand itself is because they are satisfied with them. This means that you are indeed providing them with quality products or services.The customer loyalty scorecard contains the right key performance indicators that you will use to track the percentage of customer volume. The client loyalty KPI may include training per employee, number of supplementary benefits provided for the customers,spyder ski goggles cheap, the expectation of the customers and the meeting ratio and the degree of offers personalization ratio.As you may know, there are four perspectives that are included in the balanced scorecard and these are the financial, learning and growth, internal processes and the customer perspectives. The latter when monitored carefully and properly, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of your company’s customer care, feedback and financial and procedures aspects. All in all, you will be able to assess the customer loyalty through the scorecard itself.However, you will need to work with the scorecard so that this will be effective for your business,kids north face jackets sale. There is a need for you to regularly check on the scorecard that you are utilizing. Being able to provide the right metrics or indicators for every aspect that you want to focus on when it comes to achieving customer loyalty is a valuable method that you should exploit,womens spyder ski pants. You can make a research as to what indicators you should employ will allow you to attain the goals of your company particularly in increasing the support of the clients. It is important that you are able to have a highly profitable customer base that will lead your company into expanding in the future so that you can provide more services and better products for your customers.

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kids moncler vests sale Can You Profit in Today’s Economy-

If the economy is going in the toilet, get out of the bathroom! To stay is to focus on what you will see and smell instead of strategizing for what you cannot presently see. Huh? Did you know that in the midst of rough times like we see now in the economy there are more people than not planning, looking, strategizing for ways to expand their portfolio and their bank accounts? That’s right, down times give revival to the entrepreneur. The individuals(s) that refuse to be flushed:Think and act like an entrepreneur.Find out what skills they have. If they do not have any for the career choice, that is ok, they train or school.Consider starting their own business. If you’ve ever thought about striking out on your own, now could be a good time to be doing so. Many entrepreneurs do start their own businesses while still working at a full-time job. There are many ways to do this with little monthly overhead.Start networking. This is something we do everyday. I mean we were at a country fair and I saw a young girl on the new text cell phones networking with friends as she was walking with her family. And for business it is simply the same thing networking regularly with contacts via lunch engagments, attending conference calls or meetings, and spreading the word about the product or service you represent.Start Your Own Business If we begin the concept of networking today by making contacts, job searching, attending job fairs, and conferencing, and researching their desired niche we could make a lot of progress. All that effort and work is bound to land you in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people. It will be inevitable. Now, think about this concept:A company that will pay you a certain % for all your networking efforts.It’s true! Think about how hard you are working right now to find a job or make extra money. How many friends and family and strangers have you spoken to in an effort to find a job for yourself or someone you know? See, networking grows your database of leads. No effort means no work. Effort, and that, proper effectual effort, yields results,north face ski wear. Many are turned off by the word networking usually by ignorance. We network everyday. You may influence a friend or co-worker to buy an I-Pod, go to a favorite restaurant, see a movie or buy a house or car. Did any of those places ever pay you for doing that? No. But you and I did it anyway. What if they did?Choose a BusinessThere are many “opportunities” out there today, good and bad. It is up to you the consumer,womens spyder ski pants, the laborer, the entrepreneur, to do the proper research and choice-making. You might ask, what is the catch? Your answer, there is none. It is work like any work, some opportunities are just a tad more leisure like and fun or, based on how aggressive you are more like work just more pleasurable,kids moncler vests sale. There are conference calls and people networking with other people, to increase their businesses and profitability. You see it takes people buying and selling to make a profit no matter how it is accomplished, through the standard 9-5 work for someone else or a work from home as an independent of another company.Is The Business Legal?What makes a business, particularly an MLM (multi-level marketing) business, legal. The following requirements are to be noted.The sale of a real product or service – is the product retailable and retailed. In other words the product must be beneficial even to those who are not participants in the compensation plan. And, furthermore, compensation paid to members is derived solely from the sale of the product. It is also stated that the individual member can purchase the product themselves due to personal health benefit, not volume qulaification, and it is considered a retail.Not require a headhunter fee – a fee made to have right in a compensation plan, derived from the recruitment of others who pay the fee. Beware of huge start up fees ($200 or more) with no refundability clause.Maintain operational integrity – involving product advertising, program advertising, enforcement of sales field compliance and home office legal compliance. This info will be stated in the company policies and procedures.

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spyder ski jacket for men Entrepreneurs – Boost Productivity and Manage Stress With These 5 Strategies

As a solo business owner, would you like to be more peaceful and productive? Do you sometimes feel like it takes too much time to complete a project because you’re forever fending off interruptions and distractions? Does the notion of being both productive AND peaceful seem laughable or even impossible?There was certainly a time in my life when I was stressed to the limit and less than productive. But over the years, I’ve learned how to de-stress and become more efficient with my time, so I can be more successful as a coach and writer.Listed below are some strategies I’ve used over the years to help me become more peaceful and productive. Feel free to try these suggestions, or better yet, find some solutions that are a better fit for you:

Avoid multitasking –For years, we were told that multi-tasking was the answer to our crazy busy lifestyle. Then, a couple years ago, some studies suggested that it was actually a symptom of our cultural craziness, and that multitasking, in fact, increases our stress levels and causes us to be less focused and efficient. So, instead of sending a frenzied email to a client while you’re listening to a voicemail message, focus on one task at a time. You’ll be more focused and attentive, which is never a bad thing when it comes to customer relations and building rapport with employees.

Unplug to minimize electronic distractions — If you’re working on a project that requires serious concentration, the last thing you need is a slew of distractions. So turn off your cell phone. And if you’re working on your computer, close down the software programs you don’t need open, including your email. When I’m able to focus on the task at hand,womens spyder ski pants, without watching the email messages pile up in my inbox, I’m far less distracted.

Stick to your schedule — This strategy may sound obvious, but many of my clients find it challenging,mens spyder ski pants sale. My point is this: if you block off an hour for a project, move onto the next project at the appointed time. Because if you don’t set limits, you’ll suddenly notice that it’s taken you two hours to complete a blog post, when you had only allotted half that time. If you’re really having trouble staying focused, consider setting a timer to keep you on task,spyder ski jacket for men.

Set boundaries and enforce them — If you work at home, you may need to remind your family that your office is off limits during certain hours of the day, or when you are trying to concentrate on a project. If you work in an office outside your home, you may need to close your door sometimes so you can meet a deadline or work intensely on a particular project. Keep in mind that it t may take awhile for your family and colleagues to get used to your new rules and you may need to remind them, in the beginning, of your new boundaries.

Focus on the process not the product – Sometimes, we become so focused on the destination, that we forget to enjoy the journey. And when that happens, we twist ourselves into knots, worried that whatever we are working on may not measure up to our clients’ standards or even our own. Of course, life flows more freely and easily when we relax and do our best without worrying about the future. And the best part is that when we focus on the process rather than the product, life is much more enjoyable.
If you choose to adopt one or more of these strategies, chances are good that you’ll be more focused, peaceful and productive. Please let me know how it goes!Copyright Ellen H. Brown 2009 Do not reprint without attribution.For monthly tips on running a successful business AND leading a healthy, balanced life, sign up for my free e-zine at

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